Push notification is now used by the every app publisher because of its benefits that explained in the previous post. Here are some tips to increase the impression of your notification among users. Your notification must have images but no offensive image or text in it. Your notification should have the effective message in it that attracts the users and help you to increase user time on the app with build a strong relationship of trust with customers. Push notifications will help you to increase the conversation rate with the user.

Some of the app developers prepare the notification program which sends the unnecessary and inappropriate notification with poor timing that only annoys the user. Push notification should be based on customer behavior and needs. Every operating system has its own push notification service to interact the app publishers with users. It increases the engagement of user with the app developers.

Here are some tips to increases the conversion rate with effective push notifications:-

1. Focus on Notification Text

Your text in the notifications should be clear to the point. The text used in the push notification should be attractive and easy to understand. The text must be impressive that invite the user to read further. In a study, it proves that short texts used in the push notifications are performed better than long messages. You need to take your time to prepare a message for push notification.

2. Create Attractive Notification

Users generally get a number of notifications on their mobile devices. So, you need to prepare an attractive push notification to convey the user to click on it. You can prepare the notification by using images and emoji. These are the trending among all social network users as it will cut the many words just using one emoji. It helps you to attract the user as create a tone, inspire emotions, and give the information in a compact manner.

3. Push Notification Timing

The push notification timing is very important to increase the effectiveness. The timing is very important to increase the rate of conversion. In reality, there is no specific time to send the push notification. But you can analyze each user timing when they interact with the app.

4. Mention User in Notification

It is the most effective and works four times better than others. You should personalize your message in the push notification to improve the effectiveness of your messaging program. It most used the trick by the app developers in push notification android. When the users see the mentioned name in the notification, most users click on the notification to action according to the studies. Sometimes it’s not enough to mention the first name in your notification messages.

5. Regular Test Notification Messages

When app publishers send a number of notifications to the user, some are effective and some of them just annoy the user. So, regularly run a test to identify the effective messages for the specific user. This testing helps the developer to find the messages that better for their audiences. Prepare a report and analyze to find the best notification messages that are more attractive than others.

6. User Behavior

If you don’t know about your user behavior and sending different subject notification that they are not interested to interact then it will definitely annoying. The user can customize the messages from app developers if push notification iOS is using by the user. Analyze the time that user spends on your app and try to know their choices by their searching history. It will definitely help you to increase the effectiveness of your push notifications.

7. Send Limited Time Offers

If you are a marketer then you should try the push notification instead of traditional emails. It’s more quick and effective in comparison to emails. Instant promotional messages send to the users to tell about your discount, flash sales with an image which makes it more effective and attractive.

8. Web Push Notification

A web push notification targets the user with the help of their browsing history and it will show the message related to it’s when you moving to other web pages. This trick is mostly used by the E-commerce websites like if you see any mobile on online shopping website then you move out and open any other website then there are most of the chances to see the same product in the push notifications.

Push notification is the best way to increase the user engagement by sending them an appropriate message. Follow these tricks to attract users and don’t be pushy with push notifications.

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