Facebook groups works out to be an excellent platform for the like minded writers to connect, trade off their views and look for new opportunities. Being aware of the fact that there are others like you provides a true sense of comfort. Let us look forward to some Facebook groups that every content writer should join.

1. Write life community

Write life community
Writers from all experience levels, can be part of this group and ask questions to each other. Basically they encourage and support each other in the community.

2. Freelance writing jobs for content writers

This group is related to most active content writers who are working as a freelancer, you can share your ideas or work one to one with any content writers.

freelance writing jobs for content writers

3. Freelance B2B writers
Freelance B2B Writers

Andrea a freelancer writer is the brainchild behind it and this group is dedicated for all the business writers. You are likely to come across resources in a particular niche.

4. Freelance to Freedom project
Freelance To Freedom Project

You would have to sign up to the host of this group Leah. Here you can connect with the freelancers from various industries.

5. We Blog
We Blog

A group for the entire blogging community. You can share your ideas and come across new readers in the process of promoting your own blogs at the same time.

6. Creative Freelancers unite
Creative Freelancers unite

There are live question and answer sessions on this Facebook group and tips to make strides as a freelancer

7. Female freelancer writers
Female freelancer writers

This is a platform specifically dedicated to all the women writers out there. It is a mixture of new and old freelance writers hosted by Deering a freelancer writer

8. Content Writers needed

Content Writers needed

Is an outstanding community of writers? Irrespective of your stature as a writer, you can benefit from this group in a big manner.

9. Cult of copy
Cult of copy

If conversion copyright is on your mind then this is the group to join. Basically the group discusses about this and emphasis on selling skills.

10. The Light Bulb Club
The Light bulb club

You are bound to fall in love with the podcast of this group. A combination of creative bloggers and small business owners looking to support and encourage each other online. It is a group of likeminded individuals.

11. Writing Revoltors
Writing Revoltors

This group has been started by Jorden and your value as a writer is enhanced by being part of this group.

12. Writers helping writers

Writers Helping Writers
If you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, this is a great platform to learn and support various writers.

13. Writers world
Writers World

If you are really serious about your writing skills and honest enough, then with the help of this group you an fine tune your skills.

14. 10 Minute Novelists
10 Minute Novelists

10 Minute Novelists are a worldwide gathering of time-crunched authors with huge, enormous dreams and almost little time. Named by Writer’s Digest as one of the Top 100 Sites for Writers in 2016!

15. Call for submissions

Call For Submissions
This group has close to 42,500 members. In this group submission calls pertaining to varied areas of interest are depicted. This group also presents numerous publication opportunities.

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15 Facebook Groups Every Content Writer Should Join

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