If you are running a startup of a website or blog then you may be heard about the SEO. So, maybe you are curious to know about the SEO. If you already know about the SEO then you know that it’s not easy and quick. Here we discuss the SEO hacks to make a boost in your site ranking on Google. So, here we talk about how to create SEO roadmap for your startup, if you have done it correctly then in 90 or fewer days your ranking will be doubled.

Let’s have a look 7 SEO hacks to increase ranking for your startup

Before some days ago, there was the trend where SEOs used as a strategy for the higher ranking in the Google by focused on link building. SEOs are most concerned with a number of links, studying anchor text and setting up PBN networks to try and left behind your competitions. Here is the large neglected some advanced SEO techniques. The techniques are given below step by step:-

1. Baselining your rankings

Find out all the rankings by using of SEMRush.com, Moz.com or any other website ranking platform. It will be helpful to see your progress of your website. The user experience, site speed, and page layout are affected the ranking factors of the Google search algorithm. Most of the sites are badly fails in the page speed insights and everything will be easy to fix with the Google’s Page Speed Insights. Google gives a score to the website on desktop and mobile with using this tool. Also, shows the things that you need to do correctly on your website. The score must be above 80 that good for your website.

2. Use Google Webmaster Tools

A number of peoples don’t have the Google webmaster tools. This is the easy way from where you can easily improve your website rankings in a short time. It allows you to index, site links, checking penalties and search traffic with this tool.

• Site links- Display your most converting pages in search result.
• Highlighter- it shows Google rank data structure.
• Errors- if any error then maybe that page is not yet indexed.
• Sitemaps- the overview of the all over the website at one place.

3. SEO Keyword Hacks

Most of the peoples don’t know what keywords to include. Here is another advanced SEO hacks for the keywords. In your Google webmaster tools, there is keyword map which shows all of the keywords that your sites showing to the Google, known as impressions. If you concentrate more on these impressions, then your website will rank higher day by day. You can search the keyword in the Google trends if you are running a blog for the latest news and updates. You can get the entire popular topic from there and add these as the keyword into your posts. It’s the easy way to rank your website on the first page. You need to continuously post on your website to survive on the first page.

4. Scaling the unscalable SEO tasks

There are a lot of tools that using by the administrators that they pass around and sometimes they keep quiet about it. If you know the processes then get the linkable articles or content from the good writer. This process requires an intern or combination of tools.

Note: – To see the progress of your website always use the Analytics. It will help you to track the visitors on your website.

5. Benefits of webmaster Tools

All the SEO hacks as we discussed above in this post are do-it- yourself type hacks. The time can be varying as the experienced person takes little time to do it quickly. Get the traffic by the using of SEO is the most valuable online traffic. If you execute the all steps well that are described above then it’s sure that you will be ranking high in the Google searches and it’s possible to stay there if you focus on the SEO in your content of your website.

6. Use the Plugins wisely

The websites which operate from the WordPress, they need to know about the plugins which help them to rank the website as it has many features of it. These plugins are very handy and easy to use. There is a number of plugins on the WordPress, from free to paid plugins and each has different features. The use of so many plugins can be slow down your website so you need to remove all unwanted plugins from your WordPress site.

You need to install the plugins from the WordPress, the downloading the plugins from any other site and then install on your WordPress site didn’t provide the real benefit to you and your visitors. Only use those plugins which are actually you required for your website. The use of a number of plugins makes you’re your website speed slow of browsing and resultant, the visitors don’t like to visit such website which is slow while using. Keep the best servers according to your requirement and upgrade the package as the audience increase.

7. Streamline your On-Page SEO

To rule the SEO game, you need to make sure that each page of your website is optimized for the specific keyword. This is not all about the keyword density but also content readability, outbound links, URL slug length and more. It will help you in optimizing your website for Google web crawlers, Indexation, and content quality. You can use the Yoast SEO to improve the on-page SEO for your site best ranking.

Yoast SEO makes your execution plan easy as it can easily add the Meta description, optimize XML sitemap, and identify content keywords and some other SEO-related tasks. To learn the right tools and SEO optimization hacks, you need to give it your dedication, time, effort, and passion to reach the top.

SEO is the most profitable marketing field out there and also it’s a complicated concept. By the using of above-given SEO hacks, you are able to rank your website on the Google first page search in a very short time.

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