Push notifications are the message from the app publishers that pop up on the mobile devices. App publishers can send you anytime; it not necessary that you got the push notification when you are using the app on your device to receive them. The push notification gives you the awareness about the latest happening to give the information any event such as the flash sale. Push notification looks like mobile alerts and SMS text messages, but only reach the users when you installed an app. Each mobile platform has the push notification service in various operating systems such as iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows, and BlackBerry.

Why are Push Notifications used?

Push notification provides the latest offers and information to the app users. For example, users will receive:

• Traffic, Weather and ski-snow reports
• Flights and trains timetable change, connection information
• News and sports scores right on their lock screen

Push notification is the easy way to directly inform the user about their offers and any other information from the app publishers. The push notification is not caught in the spam filters, or forgotten in inbox- click-through rates can be double as high as email. They also can be used as the reminder to use the app whether the app is open or not. They can also be used to some promotion such as:-

• Offers to increase sales & promoting products
• Sending transactional receipts right away
• Converting unknown app users to known customers
• Improving customer experience
• To drive the users to other channels, like social networks

Journey of Push Notification

June 2009: the first push notification service launches by the Apple which is Apple Push Notification Service (APNs).
May 2010: After 11 months, Google released its own service known as the Google Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM).
May 2013: After 3 years, Google introduces “Rich Notifications”. Rich notifications can contain action buttons as well as images in it. Action buttons allow the users to take immediate action from the notification. For example, the user can open the app, reply from the notification, or see more details.
September 2014: This update released by the Apple which added some interactive buttons. These buttons allow user to send a direct response to the app publisher. Apple extended push notification for the Apple Watch after some time.

How does push notification appear to the user?

When the user using their mobile they see the notification as the pop-up alert or banner while using they do anything on mobile or don’t do anything. The push notification iOS is different with others as every operating system has its own push notification service. But in iOS, the users get a notification center when they slide down from top of the screen of their mobile. In Android devices, you are able to check notifications on lock screen.
iOS allows their users to customize the push notification that is from the different apps. The user can allow turn off the notification from the individual app. Along with it, you can change the style, sound, that iOS system uses to show push notification. You can change the notification setting by showing the number of the unread notification on the specific app in ‘red’ badge at home screen icon. If you are using an Android operating system then you can’t change or customize the notification from any app.

Benefits of using push notifications

• Promote engagement: most of the users download the app but forget to open that app. So, push notification works as the reminder for the user and encourage them to use the app.
• It will help you to inform the users about your new features and promotions.
Push notifications android are user-friendly as they can turn off it when they find annoying.
• You will analyze your users that what they like in your app.
• Push notifications are quite simple then long and messy emails.
• Push notifications are highly specific and provide the necessary information.
• Push notification allows real-time interaction with the user whereas emails take time.
• It can’t catch by the spam filters whereas emails can’t go through these filters.

Overall conclusion of push notification

Push notifications changed the definition of notifying customers about promotions, new features instead of messy emails. App publishers get the real-time stats about their users that installed the app developed by them. Push notification service has many features and benefits for mobile devices.

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