“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities” – Stephen Covey

To redeem the true value of your time and forming a schedule to manage your things need patience and smart work. Defining every task with the minute details or providing a service to the client is not actually the end where you stop thinking about your service. It goes same for managing your social media account and get prepared with an effectual social media checklist.

While gaining a competitive advantage in the market, several leading business have posted in the social media with stuffed keywords and hashtags. Because of the clumsy nature, the post eventually is either blocked or overlooked. Even without regular maintenance and scheduling of the social media posts, it becomes worthless for the business and it does not actually drive any customer to your business.

Not maintaining the post or keeping up with the comments and posts from the customer’s or followers actually take your business a step back in the digital world from where you need to walk off again. Even if you have hired any digital marketer or you yourself is an efficient digital marketing expert, the steps to maintain your social media pain can sometimes get you a headache.

Yet to recover your business dominance in the social world a complete, robust digital marketing strategy needs to be adopted to ensure a steady growth of your business. The following points have adhered to every digital marketer:

Here’s a complete social media checklist to follow on daily, weekly and monthly basis to increase the Brand engagement:

Important social media checklist for daily:

Wrap any unresolved task

Never keep any task due or to be done later as that might end summing up for more burden at the end of the day. As an efficient digital marketer, the first step of maintaining a daily schedule for your social media account is to look for an unfinished job that has been waiting for your prior attention. This kind of task generally includes a customer service task or any bugs reported by the service team, which needs to be removed before it results in any consequence damage.

Respond to incoming social messages

Customers and followers will reply to the posts and might send your personal message to connect with the business leaders in a better way or to discuss for any sort of issue. It the prior duty of the digital marketer of a business account in a social media to attain the customer or a follower at the very instant to endure trust and importance to the customer.

Monitor and react to any brand acknowledgements

It sometimes happens that people while posting in social media mentions about your business brand in any context without expecting any consent from the business of the regards. This can be a one time opportunity for a digital marketer to surprise the user and leave them amazed with a sudden response.

Target and engage potential customers

As a part of the daily schedule try to target the customers and engage them in the advertisement of your business. This will allow you to branch your business in more better away among the germane customers who are not aware of your business yet.

Stay up to date with trending update of the social media platform

The social media platform is undergoing a series of changes with the latest features and updates. Catch up with updates on a daily basis that will provide you with more features that might add value to your business.

Build relevant content

A diverse range of people who are online views the posts you share on the social media. What matters to those people are the relevance of the objective of the post and would love to see them daily. It is thus a prior factor to develop relevant posts each day and keep your business followers updated on the daily activities.

Major social media checklist for weekly:

Engage yourself more with intellectual leaders

The more you get yourself into a conversation with intellectual and prudent leaders in the social media, the more you have the chance of gaining knowledge for your campaign! As an efficient digital marketer involve yourself into such conversation and leverage the knowledge, you gain

Discuss the strategies of digital marketing with your teammates

It must be in the schedule of every week to bring up team meeting, have a thorough discussion of the strategies, and work breakdown structure with them. This will allow in achieving your daily and monthly goals to manage a client’s social media account.

Encourage sharing through employee advocacy

Even if a single person is handling a client’s business account, make sure you pass on the brand name with all other employees and let them promote the brand. This in-house promotion is very effective in terms of engaging more customers and target followers for the business.

Crucial social media checklist for monthly:

Start with auditing your social media account

The basic job at the end of each month should be checking up with all the achievement throughout the month and auditing the social media account of the client to list its progress.

Catch up local social media events

Every month there is one or the other social media events and promotion functions! Make a list of the next upcoming events and grab a chance to be present at the events. This increases the chance of meeting up with new people and unknown marketing opportunities.

Report to stakeholders

The clients do have the urge to see how their business account progressed compared to the previous month. Make it your routine to send them with a monthly report and keep them updated on the outcomes of your hard work.

In case your campaigning your business in the social media with an idea of giving your business a platform, branding your business or simply catching up with the fan who has happily followed your service listing, the need to monitor every detail of your service must be your first priority.

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