With the world being present more on Social Media than in actual life, it has been a full-scaled craze to carry a business marketing campaign over these social platforms. We can never imagine lives without social media neither can a prudent entrepreneur. The virtue of social media marketing can, therefore, be seen in the highest points for any digital marketer. Even if you are veteran social media scholar it can never be easy to master the competencies in the field. Thus, life of a social media manager is sincerely not easy and many of them starts facing depression as, despite their hard work, the ROI never seems to boom.


That is a point to make a difference; it should be smart work and rather not just hard work. Only a vigilant and skilled brain can mark the meaning out of it and ensures the results start coming early.


In terms of answering how to be a good social media manager, the entire day him or her starts off right from 6 am in the morning till the clock ticks for the closing of his or her office. That is the time for a social media manager’s call of duty.

To understand the entire schedule of a social media manager in a day, it is better we break it into the morning, afternoon and evening session.

  • Morning: Then the first draft of actions

Social media activity witnesses constant updates and trending news. It is only a social media manager who can comprehend that there is so much more to every completion of an hour in the world of the social media. The first task starts with checking various channels. This initial browsing of various social media channels reverts with instant responses of the topics and trends currently running since the morning.


After the channel has been checked the next action follows up is the scanning of the new sites. It is from here that social media manager scans content from various breaking news, stories or trending topics that are related to a specific industry.


For example, it is a women’s day and the entire social media and the world of news will be filled with various women specific articles blogs, achievement news, and posts. From here, a social media manager generates an idea of creating various posts related to the day that will hook the web users onto the specific contains running live.


Once a social media manager grasp on the trending news and topic of the day, the next action automatically engages in crafting user attentive posts. The agenda includes creating attractive posts that should be relatable to the trending topics and ensure the respective companies promotional aspects. This action takes usually 2-3 hours and stands out to one of the most important tasks since this is directly proportional to the conversion rates.

  • Afternoon: Post analysis and meetings

Once the morning session of a social media manager is completed with the above-mentioned activities, the next in line follows post analysis of the campaigns posted and going through its respective results. The afternoon session is a crucial time where a social media guru composes new strategies and campaigns based on the results generated from the previous campaigns.


The detection of flaws and errors and area of improvement are generally the core areas that suck out the entire attention of a social media manager. Campaign performance is an important area through which successful or unsuccessful outcomes can be predicted.

In order to track campaign performance on social media platforms, a social media manager also follows most trending SMO tips to increase website ranking and takes the help of various analytical tools to do the followings:


● Measures user engagement with respect to likes, shares, and clicks.
● Tracking website traffic
● customer acquisition
● Understanding user intent


Once this stage is over, a social media manager’s afternoon gets absorbed with attending meetings. The meeting is intended to ensure that the company’s objectives and promotional messages are consistently spread on all social media channels. Also highlighting the ongoing social media strategies that are taking into things like product launches, new services, meetups, company news and such as.

  • Early evening:

The final part of the day of a social media manager involves robust planning and strategizing for the upcoming day. Here the social media manager cast his or her core attention into formulating social media campaigns suitable for the next day and additionally chalking out new strategies that can be put to A/B testing for both existing and emerging platforms. Without adequate planning for the next day, a social media manager can be in a real fix and utter dilemma to exactly which line of action to be implemented for the current day.


Facts that are faced by digital marketers

● It is important to keep in mind that getting results out of social media marketing takes a lot of time and patience. Repetitive failures and no results can pull a social media marketer into utter depression but it’s clever to hold your grounds.


● It is always hard on getting faster results either due to a lack of compelling strategy or adequate knowledge. Proficiency and experience both contribute as skills of social media manager and enables him or her to formulate a functional strategy.


Every second and every minute counts for a social media manager. Starting right from the morning till the day comes to an end with planning and monitoring over various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more. The overall gist of plans made for every broader section of a day can be called as a call for action and certainly, life without social media is an impossible situation for a social media manager.


However, it must run in the veins of a social media manager to stay connected with the world’s trending topic way before the news pops out of its trendiness. He or she needs to understand that a huge part of the company relies on him with a duty to maximize brand awareness and keep the company away from any controversies.


Right from the day starts with 2019, technology and social media are going to take a leap in the future. Now, the technology of 2018 is to going to be outdated. With constant updates, a social media manager makes his day well planned and managed to make it easier for the team members on promoting the very niche and product updates for the company.

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