It is not a well-guarded secret that the algorithm of Google is way above 200 signals or components. The list is impressive, but it can cause trouble if you are a normal human being with a mere 24 hours at your peril. It is stated that there has never been such an important time in keeping up with the changes in terms of the algorithm of Google. If you just launched your online business it is essential for you to focus on the most important Google ranking factors that will keep your business stay ahead in the game.

As far as SEO is concerned it is not about getting all the things on the right track. It is just about setting your objectives right. Hereby we have compiled a list of the top 10 Google ranking factors based on the inputs of industry experts. It is suggested that you ready on and how to plan the optimization of your very own site.

Hereby we have compiled a list of the top 10 Google ranking factors 2018:

Quality content

There is an age old saying that content is an epitome of success. This holds true as it covers a wide spectrum of a specific subject. With the help of content, the users need to derive value and at the same time it needs to be visually appealing to them as well.

There is no fixed pattern in terms of exact words for an article or a blog. It can vary as per the needs of the subject. Though it has been observed that articles of longer length gain more popularity in terms of rankings. There does exist a strong relation between the length of an article with the ranking of Google.

Link score

You would need to be aware on how Google formulates the abstract concept into something quantitative. This is in reference to backlinks and the score is formulated by the quality of an incoming link.

To measure quality is not an easy process. In the domain of algorithm of Google, page link is an important factor. The public version of it is not found, but there are viable alternatives that are based on the original ranking formula of Page link.

Mobile First

It was on November 4th in 2016, Google went on to announce, the concept of mobile-first indexing. It would mean that the compatibility of a website with mobile users has an impact on search rankings. In the days gone by the web designers built desktop versions and then mobile.

The mobile first approach of Google is already changing the search results. This is all the more so as far as local results are concerned. The users are bound to receive better data pertaining to the local experience.

Schema Code

The concept of SEO is going local in a big way. If you are thinking on the lines on how to take your ranking higher on Google and this is important for a small business house. With the aid of schema mark-up code, the search engines are in a much better position to understand the content of the specific texts or reviews, phone numbers etc.

When it comes to a local business implementation of a site wide schema code would work out to be beneficial. It is important that you would need to reveal to Google where your business is located with the help of a proper schema code.

The relevance of anchor text

It is an integral part of the concept of backlinks. It is pretty much like the content on your site, the anchor backlinks convey to Google what the page is all about. What it needs to rank for is also specified. But if it is the right balance there is no universal answer to it.

Page speed

As mobile first indexing approach has been advocated by Google, the concept of speed has become much more important than before. For example websites with slower page of speed will have a difficult time to stay at the top. The aim of Google with these updates is to provide the users with better search results whereby the user experience is enhanced.

Social signals along with power of brand

If branded signals are adopted it provides valuable inputs to the algorithm of Google. The more the traffic a website generates from branded searches, the much better in the eyes of algorithm of Google. It has also been observed that the social signals from Facebook or other social sites have a strong relation with the search rankings. This does not mean that a strong social presence is only bound to bring in organic traffic.

The power of domain

In the days gone by the exact match domain names was the best way to boost organic search visibility. Though it may not seem to be as fool proof as before domains are still bound to have a degree of influence.

Technical factors

There are numerous technical factors which have a share in the rankings of your website. Encryption would be the key and there exists a strong consensus between HTTPS websites and the rankings on the first pages of Google. They have gone on to confirm the fact that websites with better HTTPS encryptions is going to perform much better than the HTTP ones. For those of you who have not switched over it are considered to be unsafe.

User experience

The debate centring on user experience has been prevalent for a considerable amount of time. But as per Google, the search engines are the best sources of relevance. If a particular search result is selected the chances of it being relevant is all the more. The click through rate is an effective ration which denotes the number of times a listing was clicked and the page appeared.

The domain of SEO is multi-dimensional, complex and at the same times an ever evolving one. It is quite natural that you cannot stress on each and every detail. So the need of the hour is to prioritize the efforts which can add value. If you do focus on the above factors and at the same time keep a watch on your competitors, you are bound to search way ahead in terms of rankings.

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