Content marketing blogs not only help you to stay trendy, they also provide useful tips and strategy to help you improve your online content marketing strategy. Once the business makes rapid strides, so a change in the manner business market them needs to evolve as well. In recent times one of the major changes witnessed as content being part of the marketing mix. But this in no way point to the direction that marketers have a strong knack of this tactic.

Close to 55 % of business to business marketers are of the opinion that they are not clear on what an effective or efficient content marketing programme is. The key to understanding content marketing is quality education along with the loopholes associated with it.

Hereby are some of the 20 content marketing blogs which would be of your help:

Knowledge Bank

Their onus is on working with brands that have turned publishers. The digital magazine provides inputs on strategic changes in the social media.

B2B Market Insider

The focus is more on business strategies where the focus is more on returns. This blog could be considered from an inward point of business.

Marketing AI

If you are looking to get rid of spread sheets then this blog works out to be a viable alternative. The soft driven approach is more focussed on dealing with complex situations in content savvy organizations.

B2B Marketing

From all over the world more than 200,000 marketers adopt this form of marketing for better industry resources or insights. When your company is not that inspiring you can draw inspiration from others around you.

Cision Blog

With the focus more on PR and social media, this blog is a vital clog in the wheel that links popular culture along with industry trends on an even keel.

The Content Marketing Institute

Is the flagship of all content research along with insights? The brainchild is Joe Pullizi who is rated as one of the pillars of content marketing.

Blog Related With Knowledge

The blog of the company touches base on all aspect of content marketing and this would involve from leadership to creation of content.

Copy Blogger

The focus is more on products that are centred towards the real world of the clients. Just note that the copy writers need to be separated from content writers.

Convince and Convert

Once upon a time, it was considered to be the number one blog of the content marketing institute and the focus is on numerous topics of the industry.

PR 20/20

Insights into the world of content are being provided, with a lean on public relations. The content address evolves more around integrated solutions to solve the problems being part of marketing.


10 specific industries are the focal point here. But at a level of peak, the focus is to improve writing through efficient content marketing strategies.


If the focus is more on SEO insights, then you are at the right place. Rand Fishkin the founder of it considers himself to be a wizard and there are reasons for it as well.


Planning and content strategy is the ball of the game at Kapost. For all the analytical minds it is a tailor made solution as the blog is full of research along with case studies.

Hubspot Marketing

It is considered to be much more than a software company. The blog tends to focus more on inbound marketing certificates that are rolled out by the company.


The writers are pioneers in demand and lead generation from the perspective of content. You can pay a visit to the LinkedIn group of the company.


It does ensure that the marketers do not get lost in the world of data. If one is looking to channelize their marketing efforts through the domain of analytics, this is the place to begin.


Content strategy at an integrated level needs data to force it. The extensive reach of library of whitepapers, ebooks finds its way into the industry depth.

The Marketing Scope

Here the focus is to look at the marketing industry at a minute level. It would be a worthwhile bet to consider an experiment or an agency test.

Quick Sprout

You would need to consider the fact that content marketing is only a tip of the iceberg. This blog is of the view point that writing and promotion of content also is a lot important.

The Agency Post

All the problems associated with micromanagement concerns to selection of fonts is addressed at this level. If your office is not performing at a desired level then the solution is here.

If your favorite online marketing blog is not listed, or if you know of any other great source of content marketing information, leave us a comment below.

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