Heatmapping is the most simplest and effective way to analyze visitor interaction and about user behavior that is happening on your website. If you are said to be in a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) project along with an e-commerce or with your own startup business, then it’s indispensable to run over some website heatmaps like click, scroll heatmaps or mouse movement.

Here are some tips to know how heatmaps are most commonly used to track  visitor’s  behaviour on specific webpages or webpage templates.

What’s a website heatmap?

Website Heatmaps

A heatmap is used to record every other clicks and mouse movements that are made on your website by the visitors and they are colored based upon frequency level of each click. Red colored ones are known to the hottest and most frequently clicked ones, while the blue scaled ones are termed to be the coolest and least frequently clicked ones. This type of colored map is quite easy to interpret with the overall traffic that’s happening with the visitors of your website.

Heatmap vendors and tools:

One need not develop their own solution for these purposes, as there are many different vendors providing same kind of services on the market. Following is a list of heatmap vendors who are known for providing various features to their users:

• Crazyegg
• Hotjar
• Mouseflow
• Clicktale
• Lucky Orange
• Google Analytics
• Inspectlet
• Ptengine

What work does a heatmap process on your website?

The work process a heatmap does on your website is based upon the kind of heatmap that you have chosen with.

  • Click Heatmap:

This type of heatmap shall easily showcase the links that are clicked the most on your website. For example, if you are hoarding four CTA buttons on your landing page, then definitely you need to know which among them has been highly clicked by the visitors of your website. This is where Click Heatmap comes handy and brings out a chart showcasing the link that has been clicked many numbers of times by the website visitors.

  • Mouse Movement Map:

Researchers have proved that about eighty to ninety percent of correlation between mouse movement and human eye happens while browsing a website. People who own e-commerce product pages shall be benefitted out of this heatmapping feature. Based upon the place where the website visitor has placed their cursor, moved over, shall let you know the content that has been read by your page visitor. It also lets you know the parts that visitors tend to visit and check in your page, and every tracking happens with the mouse movement that are made all over your page.

  • Scroll Heatmap:

It would be a surprise to check out this type of heatmap, as you are about to know the number of people who have actually stopped scrolling through your website for various reasons. With Scroll Heatmap feature its real easy to find out the place where every other visitor has stopped scrolling through the page.

  • Session recording:

As the name says the Session Recording Heatmap completely records and tracks the way a user visits and handles your page. This type of session video recording shall help you know what visitors are looking forward in your website and work on them in near future.

These types of heatmap tracking shall let you know how a visitor access your website, and in turn bring out changes according to them to create an effective website for your online businesses.

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